Tom's Auto Parts in Baltimore, MD

Tom's Auto Parts
Tom's Auto Parts
5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

2723 North Point Blvd
MD 21222

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  • Positive Review
    CYNDI LANNEY from Nottingham, MD

  • Positive Review
    Ben Johnson from Kingsville, MD
    They keep an invintory of all the parts they have, were very helpful and proffessional on the phone, they knew what they were doing which is a big relief from alot of places i have been too and talked too where all they want is your money and dont know jack spit about cars or car parts.

  • Positive Review
    Cristian Ibanez from Baltimore, MD
    Super friendly people. They have a good inventory and if you need aditional information about what they have they will go and take a look at it.